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ℹ️It’s not jogging or working out, but it’s our diet that is responsible for whether we are slim or overweight, have healthy skin, nails, hair, and how we feel.

A diet is not necessarily just cabbage and dreams of sweets. This means eating delicious, healthy food, but in moderation.

If there is a need to replace a product in one of the meals during the day, you can write to me, and I will immediately tell you how to do it successfully

With a balanced diet, you don’t have bouts of gluttony, you are always full up, you don’t have any «cravings», and your weight returns to normal by itself.

🌐 Personal online consultations
▪️ Choice of convenient products
▫️ Without additives
▪️ Without fasting
▫️ Portions in spoons (not in grams)
▪️ Individual approach
▫️ Possibility to eat both at home and in restaurants
▪️ Communication and advice in the course of the plan

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